Hmm. If you’re seeing this, bad news: you aren’t yet connected to the LuciSetup Wi-Fi network. The good news is, we can help!

To setup LUCI, please follow these five steps first:

Take a look at your LUCI Dashboard. If all the lights on the Dashboard are off except for the flashing LUCI button, then you’re already in Setup Mode and you can skip to Step 4. Otherwise, continue to Step 2.

Make sure your wheelchair is on and LUCI is running.

Press and hold the LUCI button on the Dashboard until it beeps and begins to flash quickly.

On your mobile device (or laptop, tablet, Batphone, etc.), connect to the “LuciSetup-MMM-SSSSSS” Wi-Fi network. (MMM-SSSSSS is the three digit model and six digit serial number of the LUCI unit.) The network password is: LuciSetup

Wait a tick (about 30 ticks, to be specific), then refresh this page and you should be all set! If you’re having further problems, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-621-LUCI.

Thanks for using LUCI!